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Managing Your Personal Reputation


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Build a Good Name for Yourself and Sustain it Throughout Your Career

A favourable personal reputation is a priceless asset that enhances the power of your CV and opens doors for you. However, once tarnished, your good name may never recover. Building and protecting your reputation is entirely in your own hands.

What your personal reputation means

Your personal reputation is the overall opinion that others have of you. It that reflects everything people observe about you and experience when they interact with you.

Three reasons why personal reputation matters

  • Job hunting. A potential employer may learn about your reputation before meeting you in person. What they hear will determine whether they decide to interview you, or not.
  • References. When former employers provide verbal references, they are likely to give candid, honest assessments of you that they would never put in writing.
  • Your current job. Whether you’re a new recruit or high-level executive, your personal reputation affects your promotion prospects and the willingness of colleagues to work with you.

How to create and keep a quality personal reputation

  • Act with integrity. This means “doing things right”, being honest and delivering on your promises. For example, if you think taking “sickies” or padding out your petty cash expense claims is smart, think again. Get caught, and your reputation is instantly in tatters.
  • Take your job seriously. Always endeavour to show that you are conscientious, committed and enthusiastic about your work. Your chances of winning a promotion or job offer improve when people know you have the right attitude.
  • Be cautious online. The web is one of the first places recruitment consultants and employers look when checking you out. Anything you publish on the web, especially on social media, can haunt you forever.
  • Show respect for others. Staying cool, even in difficult situations, enhances your reputation. Also, remember it’s a small world. The person you offend today could be the same person who reads your CV when you apply for a job next year.
  • Be a networker. If you want people to become aware of your good reputation, you have to connect to their network. Networking and reputation go hand-in-hand, because it is easier to make new contacts when your good reputation precedes you.

When to begin managing your personal reputation

Building your personal reputation is a long-term process. Start today, make it part of overall career management strategy and work on it continually.

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