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Social Media Job Hunting Strategies

Social Media is a surprisingly powerful job hunting tool, but success is not as easy as creating a few profiles and walking away. An effective social media job hunting campaign involves daily participation, including frequent Twitter posts and status updates. If you’re not sure where to start, consider the following four Marketing Strategies. Build your daily activities around these strategies and improve your chances of landing a job.

Strategy #1 – Targeted Research

It is becoming increasingly common for employers to advertise open positions on social media before they ever publish a formal job advertisement. To discover these opportunities, you will need to conduct regular research and frequent keyword searches across social media websites.

Key Activities

  1. LinkedIn Research: Spend time researching people in your industry. Find people with similar backgrounds to you and discover where they work and which companies employ people like you. You will then be able to monitor those companies for new job opportunities.
  2. Twitter Hash Tag Search: A dedicated twitter search tool is available at Use this tool at least twice each day to search for job opportunities. A set of common job search keywords have been defined as Twitter hash tags. These include #jobs, #jobhuntchat, #jobsearch, #jobadvice and more. Combine these hash tags with other refining keywords such as your preferred job title or geographic location. For example, you might search for “#marketing #jobs #Sydney”.

Strategy #2 – Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is a long term career strategy whereby you offer genuine value to your industry in order to attract people into your network. As your network grows, you may find yourself headhunted by recruiters and enjoy being recommended by peers. You can create value by contributing to discussions, building deeper social media profiles and writing interesting articles on your blog. With each contribution, prospective employers and influential people are made familiar with your personal brand.

Key Activities

  1. Blog: Write a weekly blog post discussing a topic relevant to your field of expertise.
  2. LinkedIn: Join specialty groups in your industry. Contribute to discussions with a short blurb and link back to your blog for more information. Update your status to let your network know you’re looking for new job opportunities. Ask and answer questions to encourage discussion and demonstrate your expertise.
  3. Twitter and Facebook: Post links to your blog and comment about your daily job search activities and current industry news.

Strategy #3 – Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing involves directly contacting specific people via social media channels. Used sparingly and with good etiquette, this strategy can fast track your access to key people in your industry. Tread carefully when making direct contact with people who don’t know you; uninvited contact may be considered rude or annoying. Avoid this problem by always stating a good reason for making contact. Never let a social media tool craft your introduction. Make sure you write a personalised note for every form of contact you make.

Key Activities

  1. Blog: Identify a blog post or article written by a key person. Write a blog post that references (and links to) their material. Use your blog post as the reason for directly contacting the person, letting them know you appreciated their contribution.
  2. Blog Comments: Make direct contact with key people by regularly contributing insightful, interesting comments on their blog. Take care not to start an argument or make negative comments. Your goal is to edify the blog owner and maintain your own good reputation.
  3. LinkedIn: Locate discussions and networking groups frequented by key people. Participate in discussions, asking and responding to questions. When appropriate, employ direct marketing strategy by addressing people by their name. Your name will soon become familiar to key people in your chosen field.

Strategy #4 – Networking

Perhaps the most important part of your job hunting campaign is building your professional network. You should aim to establish meaningful connections with reputable people in your field. Once you’ve made the connection online, don’t hesitate to invite them for a coffee or meeting in person. The most valuable social media networks often spill over into conventional networking activities.

Key Activities

  1. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: Ask mutual friends to introduce or recommend you to people. Return the favour by introducing and recommending others.
  2. Blog: Give people positive reviews on your blog and be generous with links to other people’s websites.
  3. Twitter and Facebook: Post positive messages about other people’s websites and blogs using their @username identifiers so they’ll notice your comments.

Follow a Daily Action Plan

During your job search, allocate a set amount of time each day to social media. Your most valuable channel will depend on your industry and the type of job you’re seeking. Decide where you’d like spend the most effort and write a daily checklist for your job search campaign. Include the Key Activities from this article in your checklist and stick to your plan for maximum results.

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