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White Card Training

What is a White Card?

Green card? Blue card? Red card? White card? Too many cards getting you confused? A new National Code of Practice for Induction to Construction Work has been rolled out across Australia to combat the confusion of the different coloured state structured cards currently being used. The “White Card” is now the standard Construction Site Induction Card and is used across the country. The other coloured cards are still recognised by the regulatory authority in the different states as evidence the induction training has been completed, however some restrictions may apply.

If you are planning an oil career, an offshore job or looking for jobs in mining, you will need to be in possession of a white card. All construction jobs require a white card.

A white card is a credit card sized ID card which demonstrates the owner of the card has attended an occupational health and safety (OH&S) course or a standard construction site induction course. The induction course is a one-day event. It is necessary to have this training should you want to enter a construction site. This requirement applies all personnel whether they are working on the site or just visiting the site.

It is imperative that all employees and visitors obtain a white card to ensure that all are covered by insurances should an accident occur. Most on-site managers will ask you to produce your card before you can enter the designated area. If you are caught without a card you will be liable to pay a hefty fine.

Where can I obtain a White Card?

You can obtain a white card by attending any occupational health and safety induction course offered by an accredited trainer. Some organisations offer on-line training and assessments should you be unable to attend the lecture venue. Both training avenues can be completed in one day with the cost ranging from $15 to $100 (some discounts may apply).

Some online resources are: It’s worth noting advice given by White Card Australia:

You are also required by law to have someone observe you doing the assessment and sign off a section on our Statutory Declaration Form that they have witnessed you completing the assessment. This can be anyone including family members.”

What will I learn?

The course involves the ability to identify occupational health and safety requirements in the construction industry. Lectures are given on creating safe working environments, identifying hazards, preventing workplace injuries and illnesses, implementing control measures and understanding workers compensation. Various communication and reporting and incident response procedures are to be followed and these will be discussed in detail at your training.


If you wish to work on a construction site or are planning to visit a construction site it is mandatory to have a valid White Card. This card will state that you have met the requirements and passed an occupational health and safety induction course. White cards can be obtained online or by visiting an accredited training institute.

Visit our Licenses, Tickets and Certifications search engine to find information about additional credentials you will require for mining jobs, oil jobs, gas jobs or energy jobs.

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