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The vision of flying cars and space travel has not eventuated yet so in the meantime we have to make do with good old-fashioned driving on bitumen (tar) and gravel roads. Roadworks come under the activities performed in the construction industry. Mining construction jobs are on the rise and the demand for road workers is increasing as new access and carriage ways are needed to transport the mined products.

The World Bank cites “The topic of construction broadly encompasses the issues relevant to the process of road construction and maintenance, including the design, contracting, implementation, supervision, and maintenance of roads and related structures, such as bridges and interchanges.” And thus roadwork is a major contributor to the construction and mining jobs in Australia

Pre-Construction Services

Before the roadways, interchanges or bridges can be built, road safety measures need to be put in place. Transport officials, public members, local businesses, commercial motor carriers and surrounding industry environments need a safe and efficient flow of traffic through work zones. Certain issues need to be addressed and the following processes are taken into account:
  • Consultations on site selection and development
  • Site reviews, evaluation and testing
  • Site pre-planning, safety controls and risk management
  • Drawings for roads, parking lots and site utilities
  • Preventative planning for erosion control, grading and storm water control

Site Preparation Services

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a good summary of the processes involved in site preparation services;

“Construction labourers are responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices and patterns. At highway construction sites, this work may include clearing and preparing highway work zones and rights-of-way; installing traffic barricades, cones, and markers; and controlling traffic passing near, in, and around work zones. Construction labourers also dig trenches; install sewer, water, and storm drainpipes; and place concrete and asphalt on roads. Other highly specialized tasks include operating laser guidance equipment to place pipes; operating air, electric, and pneumatic drills; and transporting and setting explosives for the construction of tunnels, shafts, and roads.”

Other tasks that are also included are:
  • Environmental recycling and disposal
  • Building retention ponds
  • Preventing erosion
  • Building road curbs and gutters
  • Resurfacing of roads
  • Organising dump trucks to remove dirt and stones.

Work Environment

Jobs in construction and particularly mining jobs host very physically demanding work. Workers are often outdoors in all weather conditions. As workers might be in high density traffic zones they are required to wear safety clothing like hard hats, safety shoes, gloves and protective eyewear as well as reflective vests to make them visible to oncoming traffic. Some workers may be exposed to loud noises or dangerous machinery and it is advised to follow all safety procedures and partake in preventative measures to limit illness and injuries.

Prospects for construction mining jobs

Construction companies and mining construction jobs are in need of road workers. The rate of employment is expected to grow especially since more mining developments and the production of oil and gas is on the increase. Workers also needed to rebuild road ways in regions which have been badly affected by natural disasters.


Construction jobs in Australia are on the rise as new commercial and residential areas need to be built, mining operations are opening up and redevelopment and restructuring of damaged areas need to be addressed.

Roadwork is a fulfilling and challenging career option. Roadwork is the designing, contracting, implementation, supervision, and maintenance of roads and related structures.

Visit our Construction Sectors page for more information on all the sectors needed to support the resource industry.
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