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Welding Construction Jobs

Welding is the process of creating or fixing metal structures by permanently joining pieces of metal or plastic parts through heating, melting and fusing. Welding is used in the construction industry to join beams in the creation of structures like bridges and buildings as well as to join pipes in pipelines, refineries and power plants. Every sector of the Australian resource industry has construction jobs for welders including mining jobs, offshore jobs and energy jobs.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics over 100 different processes can be employed by a welder when bonding materials. The most common welding equipment makes use of laser light, open flames or electric arcs. Within the manufacturing industry robots are used for automated welding.

Skills and Requirements

Welders need to have very good eyesight, hand and eye coordination and be physically fit to perform heavy duty work. Welders also need to:
  • Read and interpret blueprints and specifications
  • Have excellent knowledge of base metals and different welding processes
  • Operate modern welding equipment
  • Be proficient in grinding, finishing and preparing welds
  • Know Radan drafting software for fabrication
  • Use CNC/NC plasma cutting, press break, oxyacetylene, arc, wirefeed, flux core, heliarc, submerged arc welding, robotic fabrication, gas tungsten arc, gas metal and plasma arc welding
  • Know breakdown and setup procedures
  • Execute planned welds
  • Perform quality control
  • Know test standards and specifications

Work Environment

Welding can be a dangerous profession as workers are exposed to very hot materials and intense light created by the arc. Safety clothing like protective lenses on masks, goggles, safety shoes and clothing need to be worn at all times. Extra precautions need to be taken if welders are working from high scaffoldings and in awkward positions. It is imperative welders work in well ventilated areas or outdoors to prevent inhalation of gases.

Training and Prospects for Construction Welders

Welding can be learned at many specialised welding institutions. Apprenticeship programs are also available and it is suggested to look at the Apprenticeships and Traineeships section of the Careers and Industry Guide for further information.
It’s been forecasted that growth in the welding industry will remain steady due largely to the need for highly skilled labourers in the mining and construction industries.


The welding industry requires skilled labourers with good knowledge of various metals and welding equipment. Welding is used in many manufacturing activities, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace industry, and mining and construction industries.

Welders could work in potentially hazardous venues and therefore need to wear safety and protective clothing as set out in the Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. Various training options are available to further your career as a welder.

Visit our Construction Sectors page for more information on all the sectors needed to support the resource industry.
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