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Finding and Furnishing a House in Australia

Moving to a new country can be tricky. How do you know where to live? How do you find a house in Australia? How do you find a share-house? How much will it cost to set-up a house? Where can I buy furniture in Australia? This section looks at these questions.

How to find somewhere to live in Australia

Whether you’re interested in buying or renting a house in Australia, there are plenty of online resources to help you find the property best suited to your needs. There are a number of popular websites like, which is national or REIWA, which is specific to Western Australia. These sites have search engines so you can easily find properties to buy, rent or lease in areas you might like to be based. Most real estate agents use these sites. There are also websites like which are good if you’re looking for a share-house arrangement. Mine workers and people employed in the mining industry are often popular choices with those looking for flatmates.

Many mining operations operate fly-in, fly-out (FIFO), from mine sites. You’ll normally be housed on the site while you’re working if the location is very remote. However, many people working in the mining industry also have a base in a nearby town or a capital city. Sometimes it can be hard to find a property in a nearby town as these communities are relatively small – perhaps a few hundred permanent residents – and demand for a house is high. The rents can also be very expensive. Some people find it more affordable and more comfortable to be based in a capital city where there is more to do in the days between shifts.

Furnishing a house in Australia

You might decide to bring many of your possessions with you from your home country. Read more information about importing your personal effects at our Moving to Australia – Shipping Belongings page.

However, it’s probably no more expensive to buy household items and furnishings in Australia. There are major furnishing stores in most Australian states and territories. IKEA, for instance, has a store in every state except for Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

As you’d expect, it’s possible to spend a lot of money on furnishings if you want “the best”. Similarly, it’s also possible to buy cheaper items from discount department stores like:

These stores generally have everything from kettles, irons, crockery and cutlery, bedding and linen to desks, cupboards, tables and chairs, televisions and stereos. These sorts of shops are located in suburban shopping malls throughout Australian cities, so there should be something near wherever you settle. Check out their websites to get an idea of prices and how much it will cost to set-up a house in Australia.

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