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Australian 457 Visa - Australia's Invitation to Skilled Workers


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Australian 457 Visa - Australia’s Invitation to Skilled Workers

A 457 visa encourages skilled professionals from all over the world to live and work in Australia. Also known as a Temporary Business (Long Stay) Visa, a 457 Visa allows foreigners to remain in Australia for up to four years.

An Invitation to Skilled Workers

The 457 Visa is designed to encourage skilled professionals in specific occupations to work in Australia. The list of eligible occupations reflects the skills shortage the Australian Government identified within the economy. By granting foreign nationals a 457 visa, the Australian Government aims to overcome skills shortages, thereby sustaining economic growth.

Tips for Job Seekers

In order to qualify for a 457 visa, you will need a Business Sponsor. A Business Sponsor is an employer who is willing to employ you for the duration of the 457 your visa. A Business Sponsor may be either an Australian business, or non-Australian business operating in Australia. In most cases, the Business Sponsor must employ skilled professionals located in Australia.

Jobs are sometimes advertised as 457 opportunities. A “457 Opportunity” implies the advertising employer has been pre-approved as a Business Sponsor. If you are successful in applying for a 457 job opportunity, the employer becomes your 457 Business Sponsor.

Tips for Employers

If you are unsure whether a job applicant has legal permission to work in Australia, you may visit the Department of Immigration’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO). VEVO is a free service that allows organisations to confirm a job applicant’s work or study entitlements. 

If you wish to employ overseas workers to fill job positions within your Australian business, you may be eligible to become a 457 Visa Sponsor. There are a number of obligations every Sponsor must meet.

Applying for a 457 Visa

Applying for a 457 Visa is a three step process. First, the employer must apply to become a Sponsor. Second, the employer must nominate the Australian job positions to be filled by overseas workers. Third, the employee must apply for the 457 Visa, naming the employer as their Sponsor.

AMMA Migration Services

AMMA Migration Services is a registered Migration Agent and can assist businesses or individuals in the application, submission and processing of visas through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

AMMA’s migration experts understand the specific requirements of the resources sector and provide seamless, cost-effective services.


More Information and Resources

The Australian Government documents everything you need to know about 457 Visas on their Immigration website. 457 obligations and requirements may change often, so be sure to check the website for the most current information. 

The following web pages are also of interest:

Other useful information can be found in our Visas to Work and Live in Australia section. 

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