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Operational Mines by Country


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Operational Mines by Country

Where are the operational mines and what’s being pulled out of the earth is of great interest to anyone looking to get into the mining industry. This articles provides an idea about what, where and how rocks, metals and gems are being mined.

Our Global map of all mines by location and mine type is a spread sheet detailing the name of the mine, the commodity being mined and the type of mine for each country. It also identifies which mines are new projects and currently in development. Knowing that spreadsheets don’t appeal to everyone, we’re also providing a visual representation of the information. In the following images, the larger the word, the more often it is represented in the global mining industry.

Mining Countries

Mining occurs throughout the world but four countries top the list for having the largest number of operational mines:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United States
  • South Africa

It’s worth noting 22 countries operate only one mine.

What’s being mined?

More mines are dedicated to gold mining than any other commodity. Closely following gold is copper, coal and iron.

How is it being mined?

Open pit mining is the preferred method for pulling rocks, metals and gems out of the ground. A significant number of new projects will use both open pit and underground mining.

What are these mines?

The mining footprint is large as the following image demonstrates. Every operational mine along with new projects is represented.

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