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Coal is experiencing new growth with global consumption increasing by nearly 8% in 2010. China is the world’s largest consumer of coal - using 48.2% of the world’s supply. It is also the world’s largest coal producer as seen in the table below. This table has been modified; the complete table can be viewed at BP Statistical Review of World Energy, June 2011.


 Million Tonnes Oil Equivalent (2010)
 United States 552.2
 Canada 34.9
 Mexico 4.5
 Total North America 591.5
 Brazil  2.1
 Colombia  48.3
 Venezuela  2.9
 Other S. & Cent. America  0.5
 Total S. & Cent. America  53.8
 Bulgaria  4.8
 Czech Republic  19.4
 France  *
 Germany  43.7
 Greece  8.8
 Hungary  1.9
 Kazakhstan   56.2
 Poland   55.5
 Romania  5.8
 Russian Federation   148.8
 Spain  3.3
 Turkey  17.4
 Ukraine  38.1
 United Kingdom  11.0
 Other Europe & Eurasia  16.1
 Total Europe & Eurasia  430.9
 Total Middle East  1.0
 South Africa  143.0
 Zimbabwe  1.1
 Other Africa  0.8
 Total Africa  144.9
 Australia  235.4
 China  1800.4
 India  216.1
 Indonesia  188.1
 Japan  0.5
 New Zealand  3.3
 Pakistan  1.5
 South Korea  0.9
 Thailand  5.0
 Vietnam  24.7
 Other Asia Pacific  33.4
 Total Asia Pacific  2509.4
 Total World  3731.4
 of which:
 European Union
 Former Soviet Union

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