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Getting a job in Alternative Energy is the first step. The section provides information about what to expect when you’re working in the new energy technologies.

Coming soon?

Sunset by Russell OrdWe're experiencing some challenges coming up with a Lifestyle Guide for Alternative Energy. While the industry is well-established in some areas - like solar power - it's still in it's infancy in others. The sector as a whole is extremely diverse. While you could argue mining is mining regardless of the product, it's not quite the same with renewable energy supplies. How you harness a wave is entirely different technology than how you use wind to generate power. People in alternative energy careers seem to have completely different lifestyle experiences when on the job. 

We need your help

Due to the diversity in the industry, establishing a single guide is extremely difficult. At the same time, creating a lifestyle guide for each alternative energy type isn't necessarily useful. What would you suggest? If you're working in alternative energy, are there any special lifestyle issues you have to deal with? What considerations should people not in the industry know about when considering a career? 

Give us a hand

This is your chance to influence our Careers and Industry Guide. Tell us what we're missing and where we can find information. Help us plan the Alternative Energy Lifestyle Guide and you'll have our undying gratitude, a fair bit of our admiration and quite possibly a freelance writing job as a subject matter expert. We're stuck. Give us a hand and contact us with any constructive idea you might have.

For information a bit more useful than this article has been, visit our Alternative Energy section. 

Image courtesy of the incredibly talented and extremely generous Russell Ord from Sitting Room Gallery. 
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