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Australian Apprenticeship Centres

What are Australian Apprenticeship Centres?

Australian apprenticeship centres (AAC) are a first port of call for anyone interested in the apprenticeship scheme. Employers can discover how to find future apprentices, whilst those interested in taking up apprentice positions can find employers to take them on. Apprenticeship centres have a wide range of facilities to help them and are a really useful resource. Importantly, they are also independent meaning that their only interest is helping you work out what your options are. 

What is the role of the Australian Apprenticeship Centre?

Helping you work out your next step in your career is the whole focus of an apprenticeship centre. In reality, the remit of AACs is pretty broad – advisor, agent, middle man and administrator. When you first walk in, they will be most useful to you as an information hub – no one knows more about apprenticeships in Australia. However, try to prepare and have some idea about what you want out of the scheme when you walk in. If you do, they’ll be able to help you a lot more. 

What to expect when visiting an Australian Apprenticeship Centre

This really depends on the centre itself, how much prep you’ve done and what apprenticeship you’re interested in. Because providers are independent, there is no set formula for them when dealing with your enquiries. Most can arrange appointments with their own in-house advisors to discuss possible opportunities and available apprenticeships. Many now operate virtual careers centres. For more information, contact your local apprenticeship centre.

Registration criteria for Australian Apprenticeship Centres

In order to ensure that all apprenticeship centres are of a good standard, the Australian government sets out stringent criteria which all must fulfil. It provides a useful checklist for how an apprenticeship centre will deal with you from the first time you walk in the door to the time you walk out, new contract in hand. They are listed below for your information:
  • Provide information for employers and Australian Apprentices
  • Ensure eligibility for an ACT Training Contract 
  • Assist with Registered Training Organisation information and selection
  • Completing the Training Contract
  • Lodge the Training Contract through Training and Youth Internet Management System (TYIMS)
  • Manage Training Contract variations
All AACs are also subject to a code of conduct outlining their duty of care to their clients. 

Differences between Australian Apprenticeship Centres and RTOs

Some future apprentices find it hard to understand the differences between RTOs and AACs. As both are involved at different but linked stages in the apprenticeship process, it is not difficult to see why. Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are there to make sure that the formal training undertaken by apprentices – a key part of the whole process – proceeds properly, with the key focus being that the apprentice is able to learn on the job. The Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) on the other hand, has a more generalist role; it is the first stop for apprentices, providing information as well as a link between employers, RTOs and future apprentices early in the process.


Australian Apprenticeship Centres are the first stop for anyone interested in pursuing an Australian Apprenticeship. Remember, they are there to help you achieve your potential, so make sure you make the most of them!

Don’t forget to visit our Training and Development page for more information about securing employment in the Resources industry. 
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