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Finding an Employer

Australians are constantly hearing about low unemployment levels. Whilst this should make it easier, it’s scant consolation for those who are searching for work. Thinking about how to maximise your potential will mean you are never between jobs for long.

Pick a direction

It might sound obvious, but the first task for anyone wanting to make the most of Australia’s current employment boom is to pick an area where you want to work. This doesn’t mean you need to have a complete set of qualifications – many employers offer comprehensive training schemes and some even prefer to teach future employees from scratch. Having an idea about where you want to work, and what you want to do, will help focus your mind and mpress employers when it comes to those all-important interviews.


The experience dilemma is one plaguing everyone who is looking to break into an industry. Most employers prefer their recruits to have some experience, but how can you get when no one will give you a chance? The answer is to do what you can to gain knowledge of your chosen industry. This may mean internships and work experience, but could also mean contacting industry associations - a list of which is provided by the Australian Chamber of Commerce - to determine what working in a particular industry means. Remember, experience doesn’t usually mean that you must have a complete background in a given field but rather you have proven experience and knowledge of it.

Moving on up

Some of the brightest and best careers opportunities in Australia are available in geographical areas which are short of workers. Queensland, Broken Hill and Limestone Coast were all regions cited in a recent Australian government report as lacking workers. Consider moving out of popular areas in search of work, at least early in a career. The opportunities available there will be much better than some in urban areas such as Sydney and Melbourne and you may even steal a march on the city slickers.


It is an annoying fact some companies require certain criteria to be met before they train you. Whether medical tests in the mining industry or medical exams for doctors, it is worth thinking about what you need to work in a particular industry. Even with all the enthusiasm in the world, it will be difficult for employers to take you on if they need to ignore local rules and legislations to do so.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

The best jobs are always the most heavily subscribed. Beat out other applicants by thoroughly researching the potential employer, the industry and the role itself. However small an organisation is, it is always possible to learn more about it. Indeed, most companies post information about themselves in the public domain. A thorough knowledge of an area will help you when it comes to interviews and applications but will also help you to decide if this is really the employer for you.

For more information, read our Pre-Interview Research – Empower Yourself to Win the Job article.

Make the most of your skillset

Most employers struggle to decide which candidates are the best for the job. Think about what makes you different from the rest of the field and use it to your advantage. Do you have a particular talent or skill which translates well into your chosen field? What can you offer to an employer no one else can? Even if you do not think these skills matter, they will be useful to help you stand out and may even have uses your future employer will know about but you are yet to consider.

Timing is everything

Don’t get disheartened if things don’t go your way straight away; many industries are constrained by global financial conditions well outside their control. For example, the 2008 financial slowdown in Europe and the USA had a knock-on effect resulting in a slowed demand for raw materials sourced from Australia’s mines, despite Australia itself avoiding recession.

The trick is to keep plugging away. It only takes a small change in economic conditions to provide you with the break you need. Make sure you have thought about the optimum time to apply for a job. If you really want to work in the tourist industry in Tasmania, July might be a difficult time to find a job.


There are a million and one things to consider on your search for an employer. The important things are to stay focused and prepare thoroughly. Remember, it only takes one thing to go right for your path to change forever!

Visit our Training and Development page for more information about securing employment in the Resources industry.

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