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Benefits of Recognition of Prior Learning


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Benefits of Recognition of Prior Learning

Most experienced workers know one fact about training; working on the job is at least as useful as taking part in any classroom-based training programmes. How can you show your work skills are equal to the ones people have been able to pick up in the classroom? The answer is through recognition of prior learning  – the name of the Australian government’s programme for formally considering work experience when it comes to showing your practical skills. The scheme has loads of benefits; some of them are listed below.
  • Gain recognition for qualifications

Many people are able to do jobs and undertake tasks for which they have no formal qualification. Sometimes this is fine but often, particularly in trades, the law requires registered practitioners to inspect or do work. RPL will give you these formal qualifications.
  • Improve your CV

Put yourself in the position of a future employer – perhaps the owner of a small business. Would you take a chance on someone who claimed to be able to do a job, but had no qualifications to prove it? Probably not. Imagine meeting someone with all the experience and the pieces of paper to prove what they can do. You’d probably jump at the chance to take them on. It’s one of those annoying facts of life, but employers would much rather hire those who have proven qualifications. It sets their mind at rest. For dangerous works, it makes things like insurance much easier.
  • Earn more money

The more qualifications you have, the more you are likely to earn. Skills and experience are highly sought after, but so are formal bits of paper stating what you can do. If you can provide all three, you will be more valuable and therefore able to earn more. Multiple skillsets will also save money for your employer because they can ask you to do more jobs without taking on extra hands.
  • Save money compared with other training programmes

The big benefit compared with other traineeships and apprenticeships, RPL is relatively cheap. Because you will not need to take part in full training programmes, but will merely have to prove your current skills and abilities, it will always be an inexpensive option. You will usually not even need to take time off work to complete it.
  • Quicker qualification

Gaining qualifications through RPL is the quickest way for you to up skill and gain qualifications useful for the work environment.
  • Flexible programme

Recognition of prior learning programmes are amongst the most flexible available. They are designed to fit in around you. So, if you have already completed certain aspects of training – for example, have qualifications in basic trades but the capabilities to do more, you can skip the early stages of the training process.
  • Transfer your foreign qualifications

Recognition of prior learning can really help out those who have completed programmes abroad but whose training does not conform to Australian standards. It means that your qualifications will be given equal value to those undertaken in Australia thus giving you the same chances of getting work as those who trained in the Australian system.

Don’t forget to visit our training and development page for more information about working in the resources industry.
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