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Further Qualifications for Ongoing Career Success

Higher qualifications can maximise more than just your salary. Successful people never stop learning. Continuing your education is a great way to stay interested and motivated in your career. With thousands of courses available, it’s easy to further your qualifications in any field.

Further Qualifications and Training – Your Options

Your options for gaining further qualifications will depend on your current achievements. If you are unqualified, you may opt for entry-level training such as:

If you are changing vocation or commencing a new career, an approved Industry Pathway can guide you in choosing the best training courses.

If you already have existing qualifications, you can pursue additional qualifications through:

Why Pursue Further Qualifications?

Feeling secure in well-paid employment, many people don’t give any thought to pursuing further qualifications. After all, if you’re happy with your job and your salary, why would you want to invest time, effort and money in higher education? Here are some excellent reasons to spark your interest in pursuing further qualifications:

  • Stay current: Rapidly advancing technology means techniques, procedures and methodologies are constantly evolving. Ensure you stay abreast of new trends and ground-breaking ideas by engaging in up-to-date educational courses.
  • Become an expert: Do you dream of making a greater impact in your industry? Would you like to be regarded as an authority in your field? Adding advanced qualifications to your existing training and experience can set you apart as an expert. Why not add a university degree to your name? If you already have a degree, you could add a Doctorate or Masters Degree to your qualification.
  • Contribute to your industry: Higher qualifications equip you to contribute more to your industry. Imagine mentoring new employees, developing new technologies, discovering new ideas or embarking on new research projects.
  • Maintain a competitive edge: Further qualifications open doors to new employment opportunities, both within your current workplace and the wider marketplace. Imagine you’re working hard every day, hoping to receive a promotion in the next six months. While you’re putting in a few extra hours at work to make a good impression, your colleague has been attending university, pursuing a higher qualification. When it comes time for your Performance Review, you are offered a marginal pay rise, but it’s your better-qualified colleague that gets the promotion you were hoping for. When forced to choose between you and another equally skilled candidate, the person with higher qualifications will win the job.

Whether you want to accelerate your career progress, gain better employment or completely change your field of expertise, adding further qualifications to your résumé can only enhance your prospects.

Visit our Training Resources section for more information.

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