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Step by Step: Getting assessed for recognition of prior learning


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Step by Step: Getting assessed for recognition of prior learning

Getting assessed for recognition of prior learning (RPL) can be a real help in your career – but it can also be a time-consuming and arduous process if you do not know how it works. This guide will give you an idea about how you go about getting assessed for RPL and make the entire process much easier for you if you decide to undertake it in the future.

Decide on what skills you want recognised

If you are engaging with the RPL programme after an extended time in the workplace, it is likely you have both wide-ranging and industry-specific skills. While it is tempting to target your entire skillset, it is worth thinking about which skills you would like assessed first. It will make the process of registration and certification much easier for both you and your assessor. The list below is far from exhaustive, but gives an idea about some of the modules available for RPL applicants:
  • Arts, Film, Radio, Music, Museum and Culture
  • Automotive
  • Communications, IT, Print and Graphic Arts
  • Community Services and Health
  • Construction
  • Finance, Insurance and Business
  • Food
  • General Education
  • Interstate Resources
  • Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services
  •  Mining
  • Public Sector
  • Research Reports
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Utilities and Electro technology

Prepare a resume

Although it’s not a job application, listing your skills and experiences in a resume will be an easy way for the assessor to get an idea of what skills and abilities you have. Remember, it’s about getting the most out of your skills and this small piece of preparation will go a long way to helping you do that.
To get help preparing your resume, visit our Resume Help section or use our Resume Writing Service.

Find a registered training organisation (RTO)

Registered training organisations will be your first contact when it comes to registering your skills as qualifications. They will tell you what extra training you need and their assessors will decide whether you have the appropriate skillset to be an RPL candidate. Find your local RTO here.

Arrange a meeting with an assessor

Once you have found an RTO close to you, arrange a meeting with one of their assessors. Discuss what skills you would like to have recognised and what, if any, your requirements are in terms of career development. Give them a copy of your resume if you have prepared it. They will give you some useful pointers and decide, in conjunction with you, what your assessment criteria should be.

Begin assessment programme

The duration and scope of assessment varies according to organisation. Sometimes, it will take place over a couple of weeks while in other cases it will simply involve demonstrating you can access and use a computer without difficulty. All this depends on the qualifications you are aiming to complete and your existing skillset, as well as the amount of evidence you have for your skills. Do not worry if your training programme is longer than you had wished; it is more about the requirements of your chosen scheme.

Don’t forget to visit our Training and Development page for more information about working in the resources industry.

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